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What is Truth Catholic Podcast - Episode 29

In today’s episode, we will first discuss our “Saint of the Week”, St. Gregory of Narek who was recently made a Doctor of the Church.   We will hear a homily for the Third Sunday in Lent about Jesus’ reaction to the behavior of people in the Temple.    In the segment “Catholics in the News”, we will learn about a nun who has spent most of her 50 years as a nun in Catholic journalism.  In our segment, “Truth in the Media”, we will discover a new book that will teach us how to spend Lent with St. John Paul II.  In the segment entitled “I Don’t Get It”, I will try to understand why a Montana community refuses to let a teen return to school.   Finally, during our Truth Topic of the Week, we will hear the truth about whether there is a connection between priestly celibacy and sexual abuse.  All of this plus music from Angelina who sings the classic “How Great Thou Art.” This and more on Episode 29 of What is Truth.


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