What is Truth Catholic Podcast
What is Truth Catholic Podcast - Episode 48

In Episode 48, we will first discuss our “Saint of the Week”,  St. Stephen of Hungary, a national hero and patron saint of Hungary.   We will hear a homily for the 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time about Jesus telling the Jews that He is giving them His Body and Blood to consume.  In the segment “Catholics in the News”, we will learn about Cardinal William Wakefield Baum, the third archbishop of Washington DC, and the longest-serving American cardinal.  In our segment, “Truth in the Media”, we will discover a book defending the truth of marriage.  In the segment entitled “I Don’t Get It”, I will try to understand why a teen is being labeled a sex offender.   Finally, during our Truth Topic of the Week, we will discover the truth about the role of fathers in the lives of their children.  All of this plus music from Beth Champion who sings,“Good Enough”.  This and more on Episode 48 of What is Truth.


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