What is Truth Catholic Podcast

In Episode 177 of the What is Truth Catholic Podcast, we will first discuss our “Saint of the Week”, St. Stephen of Mar Saba who despite a desire not to be disturbed served God’s people..  We will hear a homily for the 4th Sunday of Lent about the return of the prodigal son.  In the segment “Catholics in the News”, we will learn about a nun who is on the path to sainthood.   In our segment, “Truth in the Media”, we will discover a new survey about marriage. In the segment entitled “I Don’t Get It”, I will attempt to understand the actions of an Arizona woman.  Finally, during our Truth Topic of the Week, we will hear the truth about the role of work in our lives. All of this plus music from Company of Saints who sings “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence”. This and more on Episode 177 of What is Truth.

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