What is Truth Catholic Podcast

In Episode 216 of the What is Truth Catholic Podcast, we will first discuss our “Saint of the Week”, St. Hilarion, whose holiness made him more popular than he wished to be.  We will hear a homily for the 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time as Jesus encounters the Pharisees who attempt to trap Him.  In the segment “Catholics in the News”, we will learn about a Bishop who helped calm his diocese after 9-11.  In our segment, “Truth in the Media”, we will learn about a new encyclical from Pope Francis.  In the segment entitled “I Don’t Get It”, I will try to understand the retirement plans of a former president.  Finally, during our Truth Topic of the Week, we will hear the truth from Pope Francis about the cross.  All of this plus music from Chidi Michael who sings “I Worship You”.  This and more on Episode 216 of What is Truth.


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