What is Truth Catholic Podcast
What is Truth Catholic Podcast - Episode 27

In today’s episode, we will first discuss our “Saint of the Week”, St. Peter Damian, a reforming monk and a predecessor to St. Francis of Assisi.  We will hear a homily for the First Sunday in Lent about Jesus' wandering in the desert for 40 days.    In the segment “Catholics in the News”, we will learn about a young girl and her special wish.  In our segment, “Truth in the Media”, we will discover three apps to help us on our Lenten journey.  In the segment, “I Don’t Get It”, I will try to understand the ruling of an Oregon judge regarding some photos of a teenager.  Finally, during our Truth Topic of the Week, we will hear the truth regarding the participation of women in the Church.  All of this plus music from Lindy Friesland who asks the Lord to “Change My Way.” This and more on Episode 27 of What is Truth.


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